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At The Fender Law Firm we understand that when someone is in need of a Beaufort family law attorney, it is generally at a difficult time in their lives. There are questions that need answers, confusion that needs clarification and actions that often need to be taken immediately. At the Fender Law Firm in Beaufort, our family law attorney and staff promises that you will be treated with respect and your unique situation taken seriously.


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Beaufort Elementary | Career Day

On Friday April 3rd, we had the honor and pleasure of being asked to participate in Beaufort Elementary School’s Career Day. We were met by a highly enthusiastic group of 4th and 5th graders with who we thoroughly enjoyed spending our afternoon. The students asked some truly thought provoking questions and we can tell you that the future is a bright one for this group.

Big thanks to Beaufort Elementary School for having us, and we are already looking forward to the chance to participate again next year.


I had a very detailed custody matter. It was scheduled for an emergency hearing and on an expedited basis. Addison jumped right on the case even though it was last minute and would require at least 4 days in court. Addison was very friendly and knowledgeable. Great work!!
Aaron & Michelle Scarbro
Sharing Custody Over The Holidays
Sharing Custody Over The Holidays
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When Do I Need a Custody Attorney?
When Do I Need a Custody Attorney?
September 15, 2018
Getting a divorce is a complicated process. When children are involved, it becomes even messier. Oftentimes, both parents want what’s best for their children. However, as the divorce proces